Our First Wealth Retreat for Women, Aug 2020!
June 29, 2020
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Announcement One for 2020!

I am super excited to announce that 6 weeks from today I will be running my first ever Wealth Consciousness Retreat for Professional Women for 3 nights up in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

This has been a dream of mine ever since I started my business to create a safe and nurturing space for an intimate group of women to come together and talk about money.

This is very connected to my own personal journey.

I wish I had understood that I was not the only one that felt consumed by money – with it always sitting there at the back of my mind ready to seize any opportunity to tell me once again how terrible I was with money

That it did not seem to matter what I did, I was never able to get on top of my finances and feel in control – I was sick of always feeling broke, chasing my tail and feeling under pressure

That even though I was in the Finance Industry I certainly did not have all the answers about money – to the extent that it was one of the main reasons my marriage failed – go figure!

So what was missing…

I firstly needed to stop blaming the world for what was going on

I needed to go within and really understand my relationship with money

I needed to explore my negative money beliefs

I needed to overcome my money blocks

I needed to fully comprehend the impact this was having on all aspects of my life and how it was holding me back from stepping into my true abundance and wealth

AND I wish that I had had the opportunity to talk openly and freely, and share all these experiences with other women that I now know are facing the same challenges

Away from the everyday noise and busyness of life

Away from who we think we should be and the masks we wear

Away from being told what it means to be wealthy and successful in life

And now I have created this space for a handful of professional women to join me on a Wealth Consciousness Retreat to experience their own money transformation!

Contact us if you want more information!

Take care and talk to you soon

Melissa xox